Baby PixMonkies

1111 Unique Baby PixMonkies soon to come alive in the world of Solana

About Baby PixMonkies

Baby PixMonkies are gen2 of PixMonkies. Holding every 3 PixMonkies NFT will qualify for one free Baby PixMnokies. Baby PixMonkies are packed with lots of utilities. Also $PXM token will be used for future drops, merch and more on community requests. Please check roadmap below;


%10 - Building the website for Baby PixMonkies and related discord channels.

%20 - Minting 1111 Baby PixMonkies.

%30 - Holding every 3 pixmonkies NFT will qualify for one free baby pixmnokies airdrop, the remaining nfts will be minted. Example: Holding 6 Pixmonkies at the time of snapshot will make you eligible for 2 free Baby PixMonkies airdrop.

%40 - Funding 50% royalty revenue for our “Buy Back – Sweep” events and there will be rewards, airdrop and more for our owners.

%50 – Releasing a governance token for PixMonkies, which is called $PXM. There will not be monetary value for $PXM initially because it will be used for our utilities only.

%60 – Holders of both PixMonkies and Baby PixMonkies will receive $PXM every month. $PXM will be usable on upcoming mints.

%70 - Starting a 3D Collection, PixMonkies holders will be able to use $PXM for exchange discount/whitelist/mint.

%80 - Release more utilities based on community requests.

%90 - Release exclusive merch drops, holder will use $PXM for claim merch.

%100 - Partnerships with other big projects to bring more benefits to community to spend their $PXM



1. What are Baby PixMonkies?

It is a continuation collection of PixMonkies, consisting of 1111 unique pixelarts created with the addition of utility due to the great interest shown.

2. How many NFTs are in the collection?


3. What is the cost to mint a Baby PixMonkies?

Mint price is 0.3 SOL

4. Is every Baby PixMonkie unique?

Yes, every BabyPixMonkies is unique. There are more than 100 attributes of nfts in total, and each nft is randomly generated and has a DNA. Therefore, it makes each NFT in the collection unique.

5. When will holders holding 3 Pixmonkies receive the BabyPixMonkies airdrop?

Snapshots of the holders will be taken on the specified date 1-2 days before the mint date. Holders who are entitled to receive the Baby Pixmonkies Airdrop will receive their nfts. The public and whitelist sales of the remaining Babypixmonkies will be held on the mint date.

6. Will those who hold one Pixmonkies have an advantage?

Yes, you will be whitelisted in the BabyPixmonkies project.

7. How can I have a whitelist?

It is explained how you can qualify to be a whitelist by looking at the 🤩︱whitelist-info channel on our Discord.

8. How do i mint Baby PixMonkies NFT?

Please check channel 🔍︱how-to-mint

9. Which marketplace will it be listed on?

Magiceden and other big marketplaces.

10. When will the pre-sale and public sale take place?

26 February 20:00 UTC, Public sale and presale will be held on the same day.

11. Which wallets can be used to mint?

We recommend the Phantom but you can use other wallets like Solflare, Sollet, Sollet(Extension), Slope.

12. Will public sale and presale be the same price?

Yes, price is 0.3 SOL for both public sale and presale.

13. How many NFTs i can mint per wallet?

No limit per wallet, first come first serve.

14. How many whitelist spot there are in total?

The whitelist is still open until we announce that it is about to close.

15. What are the advantages of whitelisting?

You will have the opportunity to buy BabyPixmonkies early before the public sale.

16. Is the whitelist still open?

Yes, the whitelist is still open.

17. Will public sale and presale be the same price?

Yes, the price 0.3 SOL for both public sale and presale.